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Von Miller's Bio

Von Miller

Von Miller's passion for sustainable agriculture and animal welfare led him to start his own chicken company, Greener Pastures Chicken. This chicken farm operates using a pasture-raised farming model that prioritizes animal welfare, sustainability, and natural nutrition. Through his company, Miller is able to promote ethical and sustainable farming practices while providing consumers with high-quality, healthy chicken.
cameron greener pastures chicken

Cameron Molberg

Cameron Molberg and Von Miller are the driving forces behind Greener Pastures Chicken with the goal of promoting regenerative organic farming practices and increasing access to nutritious food in Central Texas. United by their shared passion for high-quality food and environmental conservation, Miller and Molberg founded Greener Pastures to provide the most delicious, humane, and affordable organic pasture-raised chicken. Greener Pastures has been in operations since 2018. In 2023 they opened an on-site USDA certified processing facility where they plan to process 45,000 chickens weekly right here in Elgin, TX. To learn more about Greener Pastures Chicken check out their website

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