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Do you offer fresh / frozen?

Our distribution and wholesale partners have access to fresh and frozen products, and our chicken sold online is frozen to ensure its safety throughout its transport.

How is the online chicken shipped?

Our chicken is shipped in an insulated box on dry ice. Prior to shipping, the chicken is stored at -10 F and will generally take 5+ days to reach internal temperatures of 32 F. Most of our online customers receive their chicken within 1-2 days from the ship date.

Do you ship 7 days per week?

No, we only ship orders on Mondays and Tuesday to ensure that orders never sit in a warehouse over the weekend.


How much time do the birds spend on the pasture?

Our birds live the first 3 weeks of their lives in the brooder so they can develop their feathers to better regulate their own body temperature. As soon as they are ready, they move out to the pasture for the remainder of their lives where they can run around in the grass and forage freely.

How often are the birds moved?

They’re moved to a new section of pasture every day!

What is the major differentiator between our birds and the standard American chicken?

The active outdoor lifestyle of our birds, in tandem with our certified organic feed and certified organic pasture, leads to a happier, healthier, and tastier chicken as opposed to confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that make up over 99% of chicken sold in the U.S. food system.

What is regenerative about our farm?

Healthy birds start with healthy soil. Microorganisms, with the help of sunshine and clean water, help break down chicken manure into vital nutrients that feed the soil biology. When the chickens move back to the renourished section of land, the chickens then reap the benefits by consuming the nutrient-rich grasses. Our rotational grazing system adds more organic matter to the soil and leaves healthier grassland behind over time.

What kind of animal welfare standards do you uphold?

One of our many certifications is the Certified Humane certification. We’re proud to offer our birds a superior lifestyle that is free from stress.

Do your birds receive any antibiotics or hormones?

Our birds are never raised with antibiotics or hormones.

How do we know the birds are living happy lives?

We’re proud to hold the most certifications in the industry: USDA Organic, Real Organic Project, Regenerative Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, GoTexan, and Certified Humane. These certifications require strenuous adherence to guidelines and standards that our farm team works 365 days a year to meet!


What kind of nutrients make up the supplemental, organic feed?

Their certified organic feed can include any of the following ingredients: soy, corn, sorghum, sunflower, alfalfa, vitamins, and trace minerals.

Is your chicken gluten free?

Yes, our chicken is gluten free.

Do you feed your chickens corn or soy?

We feed USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified corn and soy as part of a much more diverse feedstock to our chickens to ensure their baseline nutritional needs are met. In addition to their feed, our chickens supplement their diets with native pasture grasses, bugs, and grit. We prioritize their supplemental diets by moving the birds to fresh pasture every day. Our farm and feed ingredients are never sprayed with harmful pesticides, herbicides, or desiccants like that of their conventional, "natural," and strictly "Non-GMO" counterparts.


What kind of products are available?

We have over 40 products available to our distribution and wholesale partners. Our website offers our most popular items in categorized bundles.

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